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Published Non-fiction

Links to most work here.

"Theory of Rela-triplety"
November 3, 2016, Parent
"The Cost of Motherhood"
May 17, 2017, Parent
"Nasty, Nastier, Nastiest"
May 31, 2017, VIDA
"12 Habits of my Most Successful Students"
September 18, 2017,
(now available on my blog)
"Mom Brain"
September 18, 2017, Mothers Always Write
"Fighting the Shadows: Learning and Fearing Other"
November 28, 2017,
"Here's How I Make One-on-one Time"
October 18, 2018, Cafe Mom
"Sister Squad: The Surprising Lives of Triplets"
May 2019, Columbus Monthly
"The James Hospital's Healing Art"
June 2019, Columbus Monthly
"#CBusSeeUs Highlights Youth Homelessness Problem"
October 2019, Columbus Monthly
"Franklinton Businesses for Good"
November 2019, Columbus CEO
October 9, 2020, Her Stry
"What We Abandon in Memoir
November 6, 2020, Brevity Blog
"A Review of Rick Bailey's Get Thee to a Bakery
March 5, 2021, Brevity Blog
"Our First Children"
Spring, 2021, The Heartland Review
"No Less"
July, 2022, Dillydoun Review
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