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Editing Services
JGT Editing, LLC

Available for developmental and line editing for short stories, novels, essays, memoirs, queries, and proposals,* providing any of the following:

  • 30 minute phone consultation to discuss your WIP's structure, problems with your character arc, your plan for publishing, etc. 

  • Query, first pages, and synopsis consultation, including extensive margin and end notes.

  • Full novel consult, including at least a one page of overview notes and substantial margin notes, plus up to an hour follow-up conversation.  

  • Consult-as-you're-writing your novel, including margin and end notes of pages-in-progress, plus two one-hour conversations, intended to work through the character arcs and plot issues.

  • Analysis of short-story (1000-5,000 words) or flash (under 1000 words)

  • A specialized package we devise based on your needs.

Please contact me for quotes on any of the above services. 

*I am not available for editing poetry or picture books.





Jody has helped my writing improve immensely. I've developed a better eye for understanding the "why" of a work and, more importantly, how to work through the process to find the heart of a narrative. Jody is a natural teacher who is patient and kind...She is gentle about delivering truths that writers need to hear to improve their craft and is always on the ready to offer feedback. Her extensive knowledge of craft and literature makes her the ideal editor because she can make connections that might otherwise seem invisible between a writer's work and a source text that might be of benefit.

     --Jessica, editor, award-winning published author

Working with Jody was the single most useful step I took to prepare my manuscript for querying. She helped me identify opportunities to strengthen every aspect of my novel, from the character arc, to voice and point of view, to the trajectory of the plot. With her guidance, I transformed my manuscript into a more satisfying and more cohesive novel. I would highly recommend Jody for her expertise in reading and editing, for her actionable feedback, and for the way she champions authors and helps them write to their potential. 

     --Jill, award-winning flash-fiction writer

Simply put, Jody knows her stuff. Her feedback and editing skills are informed by her teaching career, her voracious reading, and unusually intense curiosity about the writing craft. She is precise, constructive, and brimming with “you might also read…” suggestions that never miss. What shines through in every critique is Jody’s love of literature and wisdom in the art of writing.     

--Edie, award-winning flash-fiction writer, poet

Jody is one of the best editors to ever edit my writing. She sees things you didn't even know were there, pulls them out, and helps you create something better. She understands the heart of a piece of writing, brainstorms with you to find a way to develop it, and offers additional readings to boost your craft. She's incredibly generous with her time and observations, too. If you want to improve your writing and get published, you can't go wrong working with her. 
author and founder of The Workshop online community for writers

I loved working with Jody. She was thorough with my novel-length manuscript. I could tell she spent time with it. She made many insightful comments that I am applying to my revision. I would happily work with her again.

---Brandi, writing professor and fiction writer 

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